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About WGV Intl.

Looking for a wholesaler of glass vases to provide for your floral shop, wedding, birthday, or any other special event in need of vases?

Wholesale Glass Vases International (WGV Intl.) is the largest importer and provider of handblown glass vases and terrariums from China in the United States since 2008.  
We carry the best selection and highest quality glass vases at the most competitive prices around.  Our vases are all handmade by the finest craftsmen and professionals in the industry.

Our goal is not only to deliver the highest quality and best selection of vases to our customers, but also to provide the highest levels of customer service and professionalism in the industry.  
Your satisfaction is our top priority.

WGV currently has 3 showrooms across the US located in California, Texas and Georgia.
We ship all of our products from our main distribution warehouse located in Southern California .
Our California showroom is open to the public, Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM.

Call us now toll free at 866-678-VASE(8273) or 626-452-8268 to speak to one of our helpful and friendly team members, or email us directly at sales@wgvint.com if you have any questions at all.

Our Glass

Almost all of the glass vases and terrariums from WGV International are manufactured in China. The glass vase production technique used originated in Poland and is currently still in use by them today. There is no doubt on the quality of polish glass vases and their production techniques. Our factory's technique of glass making was learnt from Polish master glass makers. The material that is put into the mix for the raw glass is comprised of very high quality and clean silicate, giving the glass a clear and sophisticated look.

All glass vases are made under extreme heat and then cooled down over a 12 hour of period. The slow cooling allows the glass to become stronger and also increases the quality of the glass.  Each glass vase is inspected by our factory Quality Control Personnel and then wrapped and put in boxes. Everything comes directly from the factory which greatly reduces the cost of product.

All items are handmade or handblown glass vases unless stated as utility or machine made. They are originally made in metric dimensions and are then converted to nearest the nearest standard inch measurement to make it easier for our customer to visualize. All the product diameters and heights are measured from the outside edge of the glass, internal diameters and heights would vary depending on each vase.

When the vases are made we can only control the outside opening diameter or heights. Since they are all handmade/handblown glass vases, if you look carefully, they might have very minute differences among each vase.  Tiny bubbles are a natural part of all handblown glass vases, they are a byproduct of any liquid glass when they are cooled and blown, but are usually very minor so that most of people do not notice it.